Spark Festival Sydney

For Sydney folks.

Some interesting STEAM-y workshops on innovation, start-up and entrepreneurial skills, and the future of work. There’s free kids coding and robotics workshops (8+) running at Town Hall, but you have to book fast. Our office intern and I might be going to the Education workshops!

What is Spark Festival?

Spark Festival is a ten day program of events and activities which showcases, supports and strengthens the vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem that exists in Sydney, and across all of of NSW.

The 2017 Spark Festival Program will run from Friday October 13 through to Sunday October 22.

Most of the events on the program are organised and produced by the community, for the community. With such a large program (100 events in 2016 with more than 6000 attendees!), Spark is an initiative which represents an unprecedented level of collaboration between startups, corporates, education and all levels of government.

Spark Festival had inclusiveness and diversity built in from the start, and this shines through in our program: alongside events for people already working in the startup sector, there are numerous opportunities for those who are curious to find out what it’s all about to take a peek and see where their skills might find a new home.





Random floofery

I’ve just realised I have enough random picture of Cats of Sydney to qualify for a blog of its own.

Random North Sydney floof that said hello on a bench.
Fatty lives in Adelaide and belongs to one of my bosses. This photo does not do justice to this floof’s majestic size and bearing.
And this is Fatty’s housemate, Digit. A goofy floofy.




Ramen Rainy Day


It finally stopped raining today. Well, that was until Simon and I walked to Darling Harbour after lunch and the gale-force rain resumed, coming down sideways and at one point, up-ways. Umbrella wielding was challenging. Simon, along with everyone else, struggled to predict the direction of the wind. His tiny, black, budget umbrella flipped inside out within minutes.  Continue reading Ramen Rainy Day

2015 wrap up!

death is coming

We went to Montague Island earlier in the year to dive with the seals, supervised by some marine biologist mates. As we walked along the beach, I spotted messages written in the sand, ostensibly by fellow travellers who had taken the same brisk (temperature, not speed) walk earlier in the morning. The messages conveyed pleasant, innocuous things like GOOD MORNING or JAKE & ASHLEY nestled within a love-heart. I handed Dubs a twig and suggested she write a message, too.  Continue reading 2015 wrap up!