Archie Rose

Mercer hadn’t slept for almost 3 days due to a spectroscopy paper deadline, but we were not to be thwarted from committing to a planned visit with our rock climbing crew to the Archie Rose distillery.  I haaaaate going to Alexandria. It’s due to a combination of a lack of parking, the traffic during the day-time, and the industrial feel of the suburb. I’ll make an exception for the Matt Blatt furniture warehouse, though.

And not just because it sells my new favourite lamp in the whole world.

Would you like some lamp with your horse?

We had no issues this evening, thankfully. And what a gorgeous venue it was! Admittedly, I am no gin connoisseur, but whoah, I might be a fresh convert.

charlie rosegins

moaning myrtle
No question, we got a Moarning Myrtle.
This was another no-brainer. Hah.
black star pastry
AR doesn’t serve any food, but the infamous Black Star Pastry (right across the street) provides platters to share for ridiculously reasonable prices. This was only about $27 and includes their legendary strawberry-watermelon cake.

On Sunday, morning, I had no luck rousing Mercer from his Sleep of the Dead. Not even the promise of coffee could make him budge. Instead, I had brunch with Dr M, who is due to return to LA within the next fortnight (*sob*).  She ordered the most photogenic corn fritters at Rustico in Five Dock.

corn fritters
So pretty. So tasty.

Being kind and thoughtful women, we also got Mercer a takeaway breakfast roll and then had a leisurely walk back to his place. I love the spring weather.

On Sunday night, Mercer, Dr M, TimTamSam and I FINALLY watched the last episode of Game of Thrones, Season 7.  All of us had already been thoroughly spoiled, but it was still a thrill and a privilege to see all the immaculate set design, the stunning costumes, breathtaking locations, impressive CG effects, fine acting, and also Jon Snow’s butt, in all its HD glory.

This morning, I sent a draft paper (on STEAM programs in Engineering pedagogy) to one of my bosses even before I got out of bed. Had a video meeting with another two bosses (owe them another paper, too…yikes), and then went to collect Dubs from school. We had a piping hot massaman curry for lunch (mmm potatoes and peanuts). And as is our ‘tradition’, we had to get something sweet for the train ride back.

Dubs visited the old Japanese granny who runs a tiny grocery store in Artarmon. This lady has the patience of a saint, given it’s one of the few, local sweet shops near the neighbourhood school. She’ll always give the kids discounts. I honestly don’t know how she makes a profit, given the astronomical rents in that area. I love Artarmon. Before we moved closer to my university, we lived there for over four years from when Dubs was just in pre-school. It’s close enough to be a short train ride to the city, and yet such a green and leafy suburb despite that proximity.

Best place for your daily YanYan, fresh mochi or Pokari Sweat.





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