Royal Botanical Gardens

With Mercer still totes busy looking at brain scans until NYE tomorrow night, Dubs and I were on our lonesome again. I determined that we would visit the Botanical Gardens and actually explore this time. Usually, when we’re at the Gardens, we make a beeline for the waterfront, dutifully stare at the Opera House and then decide it’s time for lunch. Not so today, for we brought our lunch with us.

Opening in 1816, Sydney’s Botanical Gardens encompass some 30 hectares of sweet harbourside land, just across the water from the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

At first, I was confused about the marquees, fences and stages all over the place, but then I remembered that tomorrow night is NYE! The city is putting its special party clothes on. There were a few hard core party people already camping out for prime fireworks-viewing spots. The competition for space is fierce. Sydney’s NYE fireworks are, if I do say so myself, the most beautiful in the world.

I was on the waterfront for the 2000 fireworks and you could taste the gunpowder from the almost too close for comfort fireworks that were shot off a barge in the middle of the harbour. After all is said and done, it takes you like a week to get back home on the train, along with thousands of happy, drunk people. NYE in Sydney is really for the young, childless and those of us willing to line up for 50 minutes to use a portaloo.

The weather today was Just. Perfect. At Wynyard Station, I managed to find a cafe that sold my favourite Greek Kourabiedes cookies, which I obliterated in under 60 seconds, covering the both of us in a fine layer of icing sugar. I don’t know how to eat these things without looking like an extra from a Studio 54 telemovie.

botanical gardens 2
Much green. Many blues.
botanical gardens 1
The Hall of Ferns. Ok, that’s not what it’s really called, but it was all ferns and all pretty.
botanical gardens 4
About $7 millions dollars worth of fireworks will rain over this scene in about 24 hours!
botanical gardens 5
We had a good giggle playing giant frisbee in the immediate vicinity of smoochy couples cavorting on grassy knolls. The couples were less amused.


The NSW Art Gallery, like Tom Hiddleston, is gorgeous inside and out.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015. My glob, how time flies! My next post will be a NYE re-cap. Have a safe and happy NYE!



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